Ken Vyse

Investment Advisor

Ken Vyse is dedicated to helping clients live their financial dreams. We will work as your "Financial Quarterback" to oversee the big picture, move you forward and help you make wise decisions about your money.

With over 30 years in financial services, I have personally seen many major changes in the industry. No matter what the markets are doing, my approach with my clients remains consistent: ensuring that you receive the highest level of service and ultimately enjoy the financial peace of mind that you deserve.

Our team specializes in answering the critical questions that are on so many people’s minds, like: Will I have enough to retire comfortably? Will my spouse have enough if something happens to me? Will we have enough to help pay for our children’s education?

After analyzing your financial situation and determining your needs and objectives, we will create and implement an integrated wealth management plan to ensure that you do have enough. We will help you live your dream.


Insurance products available through Kenneth J. Vyse.